Commercial Painting – <span>INTERIOR</span>

Commercial Painting – INTERIOR

Professionalism guaranteed

As with our residential interior paint jobs, we promise a professional job that is only enhanced thanks to our exhaustive process.

When you hire Laperle Painting, you can be sure we will take all necessary steps to ensure that your property is protected from paint splashes, that any holes or cracks are repaired, that the surfaces to be painted are scrubbed and properly primed, that caulking is applied between all casements, baseboards and moldings and that we use only premium paints for a professional finish.

Working on your time

Despite the work we put in, from setup to completion, we work swiftly so that you can get back to business as usual.

To keep interruptions at a minimum, we work with you to determine deadlines, and then stick to them. We work when you need us to. We will work holidays, off hours, weekends and nights to work around your schedule. We promise to employ an appropriate number of workers to ensure we meet your deadlines.

Painting, carpentry… we do it all!

In addition to expert painting, our crews consist of master carpenters who are prepared to renovate as needed. We move doors, install windows, add wainscoting and even add or change walls as needed.

We always inspect our finished work and ask that you do as well.